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Cross Symbol


Cross symbol is a unique collection of cross symbol text, christianity symbol, christian cross symbol and cross unicode character that includes the symbols for cross in black and white and many more. Simply click on any of these cross symbol copy and paste it wherever you'd like.

Copy And Paste Cross symbol With Unicode, Alt Code, CSS Code, Dec Code & Hex Code

The cross keyboard symbol is a text symbol that can simply copy and paste on any social media, website, emails and any other platform .The table given below shows the name and meaning of the cross symbol along with the unicode, alt code, css code, dec code & hex code.

Cross symbol Symbol Name Unicode Alt Code CSS Code Dec Code Hex Code
Latin Cross U+271D 10013 \271D ✝ &#x271D
Shadowed White Latin Cross U+271E 10014 \271E ✞ &#x271E
Outlined Latin Cross U+271F 10015 \271F ✟ &#x271F
Orthodox Cross Emoji U+2626 9766 \2626 ☦ &#x2626
Cross of Lorraine U+2628 9768 \2628 ☨ &#x2628
Cross Mark Emoji U+274C 10060 \274C ❌ &#x274C
× Multiplication Sign U+00D7 215 \00D7 × &#x00D7
Heavy Multiplication X Emoji U+2716 10006 \2716 ✖ &#x2716
East Syriac Cross U+2671 9841 \2671 ♱ &#x2671
Runic Cross Punctuation U+16ED 5869 \16ED ᛭ &#x16ED
Box Drawings Light Diagonal Cross U+2573 9587 \2573 ╳ &#x2573
Saltire U+2613 9747 \2613 ☓ &#x2613
Cross of Jerusalem U+2629 9769 \2629 ☩ &#x2629
West Syriac Cross U+2670 9840 \2670 ♰ &#x2670
Outlined Greek Cross U+2719 10009 \2719 ✙ &#x2719
Heavy Greek Cross U+271A 10010 \271A ✚ &#x271A
Open Centre Cross U+271B 10011 \271B ✛ &#x271B
Heavy Open Centre Cross U+271C 10012 \271C ✜ &#x271C
Maltese Cross U+2720 10016 \2720 ✠ &#x2720
Negative Squared Cross Mark Emoji U+274E 10062 \274E ❎ &#x274E
Black Diamond Minus White X U+2756 10070 \2756 ❖ &#x2756
Smash Product U+2A33 10803 \2A33 ⨳ &#x2A33
Multiplication Sign In Triangle U+2A3B 10811 \2A3B ⨻ &#x2A3B
Ankh U+2625 9765 \2625 ☥ &#x2625
Circled Multiplication Sign with Circumflex Accent U+2A36 10806 \2A36 ⨶ &#x2A36
Multiplication Sign In Double Circle U+2A37 10807 \2A37 ⨷ &#x2A37

How to type the Cross symbol using keyboard?

To type cross symbol using your keyboard, you can use the Alt code within the shortcode area. Here are two instructions for typing the Alt code using your keyboard. Make sure that you switch on the Num Lock on the keyboard and then type the code using the Numpad instead of using the upper row on the keyboard.

Press and hold on the Left Alt Key from your keyboard.

Enter in the Alt code number 10013, then release Alt key. After you release the Alt key, the symbol (✝) will show. This method can be applied to different symbol characters too.